Fertility New Zealand walks alongside all people facing fertility challenges.

About Us

Fertility New Zealand is committed to supporting, advocating for and educating all people who face infertility challenges at all stages of their journey and beyond.

FertilityNZ was first established in 1990 as The Fertility Society of New Zealand, with the merging of regional infertility societies.  In 2002 it became FertilityNZ (FNZ). FNZ is a Charitable Trust managed by a CEO and governed by a Board.  Their role is to ensure the objectives of the organisation are met and more importantly that the needs and views of our members and consumers of fertility services are also met.   We have a number of branches throughout New Zealand, that operate at different levels, depending on the size and culture of their community.  More information about your local branch, contact person and events in your area can be seen on the Regional Contacts page. 

Fertility NZ provides assistance for people with fertility issues through the following channels:

Our vision

FertilityNZ has a vision of a ‘fertility friendly’ and fertility-aware New Zealand where:

  • Infertility is recognised, understood and supported.
  • All men and women faced with the medical condition of infertility have access to appropriate, timely and fully-funded medical treatment.
  • Men and women have all the information necessary to enable them to make informed decisions regarding their fertility.
  • Young New Zealanders learn about fertility preservation.
  • Fertility and all alternative forms of whānau building are respected and valued.

 You can download more information in our brochure